Plunge Pools
We specialize in easy to build plunge pools in sizes that will fit almost any yard. They are affordable, easy to install and care for. You can spend the day relaxing on your optional bench or excercise in place.Start now with our starter kit ony $265.00

The perfect place to relax and enjoy a beautiful day!

Why spend another summer in the heat when in a short time you and your family could be cooling off in your own custom pool. With our pool kit and a few items from the local home improvement center, we can show you how to install your own custom pool. You are only limited by your imagination!
All The Custom Features You Can Have

Want a full width bench with a corner step? How about a deep end cuddle cove? Or maybe a full width step, or a sundeck or special areas for small children? We are here to answer your all your questions while you build. Our software can be installed on your phone, tablet or computer.
Small Pools With a Bench, Cuddle Cove or Full Step.
Small pools are our speciality. With small backyards common in many large cities, they are the perfect fit. They are great to cool off and relax in. All kinds of exercise products exist for a full work out. They are easy to maintain and can be heated year round. Great for retirees! They can also be a tax deduction if needed for medical necessity.

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Our starter pool kit includes: Pool assembly software that opens in Windows, Android, Mac, Apple phone and Chromebook. Standard Pool Skimmer with basket, vac attachment, discharge fitting, wall mounting brackets, Weir door and finish ring. For all sizes we offer freight is included.
Finish Pool Kit Includes: Pool pump sand filter, connection hoses with clamps, your choice of pool liner with unibead and jhook attach strip, safety package. Freight is included.
Use this buy button after you have ordered your finish kit. You can order a ladder, bench, step, swim out or any add on offered on our price list.
Easy Build Process
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Here are just of few of the many ways your custom pool can be finished. You are only limited by your imagination!

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