What We Do

Since 1992 we have sold pool kits on the net. We have many customers
all over the USA .Our quick build wall system assembles in hours not weeks.
We offer all the custom shapes or you can design your own.

Where We Are

Sunwest Pools LLC DBA
Sunwest Pools and Supply
Phone: (702) 362-3449
You start your pool with a wall kit. Very inexpensive and strong like a concrete pool. Includes the polymer wall panels and pool specific parts to get ready to install the finish in just a day. The wall assembles often in hours!
Simple and inexpensive sand covering the bottom to protect the liner. Snap the liner in our track, fill with water and go swimming. Often the same day.....
All of our pool kits are fast install and easy to maintain. Fits todays small yards. Begin with a wall kit for only $ 863.00