Starter Kit

The above pool frames are made with our $425.00 starter kit and as you can see they are over 90% finished. The material to make the wall  including the cover sand you will purchase at your local home improvement store for around $200.00. Included in the $425.00, you will receive our 450+ page software which includes the required documentation to obtain building permits. The pool on the left is in Southern California and on the right located in Georgia.
Many of the DIY builds from scratch swimming pools as seen on many internet sites are certainly going to leak. Those DIY builders don't even realize that water leakage can migrate under a house and lift the foundation out of the ground.
Vinyl lined pools are basically a bag holding water. If a pool frame and bottom are not assembled properly and the liner doesn't fit snugly it will leak. The frame and floor of our pools are made to move and allow water to pass thru it. The way our pools are designed, the entire sand bottom is considered to be a hydrostatic valve. Maybe that's why hundreds of successful pools have been build all over the country using out kits. Finish your starter kit with our full pool kit with and we will deduct  the cost of the starter  kit.
Get building today with our starter kit for years of backyard swimming fun!
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Free Pool Templets

Our starter pool kit is designed so that you have the freedom to choose all of the features you want in you pool as you assemble it. You will be shown how to install swim outs, full steps, outside steps, corner steps, the popular sundecks and beach entry's.  You can choose your profile and shape from our many pool templets. The starter kit also allows you to choose the size also from 8' x 12' to 20' x 40'. 
When you are ready to finish your pool we will give you a $425.00 credit towards a full pool kit. At that time you add your options to the price.
Starter Pool Kit Includes Standard pool skimmer, discharge fitting, direction fitting, skimmer mounting brackets, vacuum fitting, air vent tube,  and copyrighted  pool assembly software . (opens in Windows, Linux, Apple and  Android).  Also includes phone-in technical support. . You build your pool wall and sand bottom base with  the low cost materials you purchase at your local home improvement store .