This is a pool that everyone can afford. It easily fits in the smallest yards. It is 8' x 12' or 8' x 14' and can be 42"to 60" deep. Fast assembly so anyone can do it. You can exercise year round in this pool.  Your pool  will not require a lot of space and its size is  easy to heat with our optional electric pool heater. You can also add a full width bench and a bench step.   Choose a resistance swim exerciser  for a complete aerobics or swim work out.   Improve your general health with low impact water exercise. Why wait any longer get started
These photos are of a 8x12 exercise pool
Options  you may want to order
for your pool kit
3 way direction valve controls the direction or the water to the swim jets, circulation return or therapy  jets.
$ 97.00  each
Wall fittings for therapy jets come with vinyl liner sealing
ring and gasket. Can install up to 4 jets.
$ 17.50  each

Add  $6.00 for wall
mounting plate

3/8" Therapy jet fits inside the wall fittings. You can have up to four jets on a bench.
$9.00  each
Raypak electric heaters work great on this pool. They come in two sizes 5.5 kw or 11kw .They are made to be outside and have a very  dependable reputation. The manufacture warrants them for 2 years. The thermostat is on the outside and overload protectors protect the element. You can download a specification sheet below.
5.5kw  $650.00
The exercise pool is the small versions of any of our pool kits. They are usually sized at 8x12, 8x14, 8x16 or 10x12, 10x14, and 10x16.
Exercise equipment for your Sunwest exercise pool kit  or for any size pool kit that we offer.
$ 235.00 incls. shipping and handling
With special exercise equipment you can make even our smallest pool into a lake. Check out the examples below.
With this model you can swim or walk in place like a treadmill...
Walk or swim at your own speed and never reach the end of the pool. Great exercise !

$175.00 incls. shipping and handling

(shown in video above)
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